The Power of Love

This  book was published in December 2019 in print and ebook versions.

This charming book contains eighteen stories about LOVE. Love makes the world spin round - or so we are led to believe - so without devotion of some kind, it would be a sorrowful place. But how would you define the word LOVE? Is it possible?


Cupid fired his arrows, and Ben Johnson wrote about love as being “A spiritual coupling of two souls.” Many writers throughout history have spent their lives trying to find its true meaning. Our very existence is governed by love, so long may it last…

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When The Ice Melts

This  book was published in August 2016 in print and ebook versions.

Readers… Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster ride in PHYLLIS BURTON'S romantic thriller "WHEN THE ICE MELTS", which is published by Matador, an Imprint of Troubador Publishing Ltd of Leicester, England. Why is Sarah Wenham preparing to end her husband Tom's life? Before agreeing to switch off the machine keeping her husband Tom alive following an air accident, solicitor, SARAH WENHAM'S conscience convinces her that she has no alternative.


Afterwards, it condemns her. Sarah is grief-stricken. The only way she can cope with the knowledge of what she's done, is to build a wall of ice around her emotions. 

How, when and why, the ice finally melts, is the nub of this sometimes terrifying, and intensely heart-warming story. Sarah goes through a lifetime's worth of trauma before achieving closure. 

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Paper Dreams

This book was published by Matador in December 2011 in print and ebook versions.    

When 26 year old KATIE NICHOLSON (a romantic dreamer) moves to the village of Anston, she tries to reassess her life after the tragic deaths of her parents, and a broken love affair. Her new job as an Assistant Librarian in the village bookshop takes her to EPTON HALL, an ancient and now empty mansion. The elderly owner, (widow Mrs. Marjorie Hapsworth-Cole – a reclusive figure), has recently died.

Whilst cataloguing the enormous number of old books in Epton Hall’s vast library, and in the attic, Katie discovers some love letters written in 1953 hidden in a book. The mystery deepens… Why is a frightening, shadowy figure gradually being eaten up by greed and encroaching madness, secretly watching Katie whilst she works? Why does his hatred lead him to steal the letters from her, and imprison her in the attic? Also… what is the secret that elderly housekeeper, Nancy Brown, has kept hidden since 1953? Katie and new boyfriend Stuart Wells, gradually become embroiled in a web of deceit, despair, greed and… DESPERATE deadly revenge?

You can order from:, W.H. SMITH, Waterstones, and other major retail outlets, or click on the button below to buy a Print or Kindle copy online.

When The Ice Melts

A Passing Storm

‘A Passing Storm’ was previously published in America, by the Canadian Publishing Company, Trafford. It was republished by Matador (an imprint of Troubador Publishing Ltd.) in 2013. The cover was watercoloured painted by Phyllis.

Disillusioned housewife, Jennifer Redmond is ready and willing to take the biggest gamble of her life but it is no use; nothing has changed and she doubts if it ever will. Her marriage is like a fragile cliff which is being constantly hit and ravaged by huge devastating waves, each one destroying a little more of the love that has been its true foundation.

Jennifer runs away to Scotland, where she meets gentle stranger, Angus Cameron. But while walking alone in the Highlands, she falls during a severe mountain storm. She is seriously injured, and near to death. Jennifer is airlifted to safety and taken to hospital. When she recovers, her ambitious, insincere, womanising husband Peter has discovered where she is and persuades her to return home with him…

Will she stay with him in a loveless marriage, or will she return to Scotland and find true love with Angus? This is an eternal triangle with many twists and turns. And, how does a thin and straggly dingo dog in the outback of Australia influence what eventually happens…?
Clever dog…!”

You can order from:, W.H. SMITH, Waterstones, and other major retail outlets, or click on the button below to buy a Print or Kindle copy online.

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